Party menus

Cafe Backtee's party menus

If you want to hold a party, there is usually
 a very special event you want to celebrate.

It is usually always important that the food is good,
 the premises cozy and the service good.

Cafe Backtee offers a cozy setting for large and small
 companies. This includes good service and good food.

min 15 people

 also as takeaway

Choose a 2 or 3 course menu or a buffet

 3 dishes


 2 dishes



Salmon tartar stirred with basil and Dijon mustard 
served on crisp salad, with sour cream.

 Home-smoked salmon on crisp salad served with prawns
 and pesto cream.

 Cod baked with pesto served on herbs, with beurre

Beef carpaccio served with salad, olive oil, grated
 parmesan, balsamic reduction and freshly ground

 Lobster bisque served with grilled scallops. (+35,-)

 Tiger prawns and cherry tomatoes on skewers 
marinated with garlic and pepper. (+15,-)

 The house mushroom soup with truffle oil and crispy


Main courses

Grilled guinea fowl served with spinach timbale and
 red onion compote with balsamic cloud and pommes

 Roasted veal thick roast with sage and serrano,
 roasted mushrooms, cloud sauce and nut-roasted 

 Roast beef tenderloin served with seasonal
 garnish, béarnaise sauce, and small butter-roasted
 potatoes. (+60,-)

 Crustacea fillet served with game sauce & roasted 
mushrooms, with roasted potatoes and Waldorf salad.

Fillet of beef stuffed with mushrooms served with
 Barolo sauce and grilled polenta, also sautéed with
 seasonal vegetables. (+10)



 Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

 Three types of sorbet in a nut caramel basket served
 with fresh fruit & creme anglaise. (+5,-)

 Fresh fruit salad with stirred ice cream and raw

 The dessert plate. The house's variety of cakes, 
ice cream and fruit. (+15)

 Strawberry Romanoff. Strawberries marinated with
 blue curacao and vodka topped with vanilla whipped 
cream. (summer only)

 3 dishes


 2 dishes


 in addition to our menus, you are of course welcome
 to make your own wishes.

 If they want an all-evening event of 6 hours with
 welcome drink, 3-course menu, wine ad libitum until
 coffee, dessert wine, coffee with a cognac or liqueur
 and dinner, the price starts at NOK 845, depending on
 which menu they choose.

If they want a free bar for an hour with beer, wine,
 water and spirits after the coffee, there is a 
supplement of 150,- per cov.

The offer applies to house spirits: vodka, gin,
 rum & whiskey as well as house wine and beer.

Extra hour by arrangement NOK 2,500 per hour.

 2000,- as deposit when ordering.



Baked salmon with spinach

Marinated prawns with various Fresh and crisp salads

Chicken breast baked with curry placed on butter-fried
 leeks and rice

Fully roasted veal culotte with small butter-baked
 potatoes and red wine sauce

Vegetable pie with leeks and bacon

Pasta salad with roasted serrano ham, olives
 and sun-dried tomatoes

Tomato salad with red onion and feta

2 types of cheese with accessories

Homemade bread and butter

Coffee/tea and today's cake

Price per person  285,-



Tuna mousse with prawns

tomato salad with black olives

Pasta salad with serrano ham

Carpaccio of lightly fried veal fillet served with
 green olives and balsamic glaze

Misc. fresh salads with 2 types of dressing

Breast of Poulard fried a la saltimbocca

Roast beef striploin with small butter-baked potatoes,
 Barolo sauce and honey-glazed root vegetables

2 types of Italian cheese with biscuits

Fresh fruit

Homemade bread and butter


Homemade Tiramisu

Price per person 345,-




2 types of herring with classic accessories

Home-smoked salmon served with sauce verde

Eggs and prawns served with mayonnaise and caviar

Roast beef with pickles and horseradish

Sirloin steaks with mushroom a la créme

Variety of cheeses served with garnish

Home-baked bread, rye bread and butter

Price per couv. NOK 225,-



Long-roasted pork loin with summer saute

Roasted veal fillet with tuna sauce "Vittelo Tonato"

Shellfish salad marinated with dill and olive oil

Tomato salad with mozzarella, red onion and balsamic

Potatoes mixed with capers, virgin olive oil and herbs

Green salad with artichokes and parmesan flakes

Pasta with olive oil, roasted mushrooms and 
freshly ground black pepper

Freshly baked bread

Coffee/tea and today's cake

Price per person 275,-


Light Lunch

Crayfish tail salad with organic sour cream and dill

veal culotte fried with juniper berries and lemon,
 with butter-baked small potatoes

Raw marinated beetroot with field salad and apples

Napolitana salad mix with semi dried tomatoes,
 pumpkin seeds and dressing

Home-baked bread and coarse rye bread

coffee/tea and cake of the day

Price per person 245,-


Brunch Buffet

Scrambled eggs with crispy bacon

Brunch sausages fried in hp sauce

3 types of delicious Italian sausages

Tomato salad with fresh mozzarella and basil

3 good cheeses

American pancakes with maple syrup

Greek yogurt with acacia honey and muesli

Home-smoked salmon with sauce verde

Potato saute with tomato and coriander


Fresh fruit

Freshly baked bread

butter, jam and nutella

coffee, tea and juice ad libitum

Price per person 245,-